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Battery Doc Sport Charger Battery Doc Rainproof Charger Battery Doc 2/4/8 Charger
Battery Doc Sport
1.25 Amp 12 Volt Charger
SALE $47
Battery Doc Rainproof
2 Amp 12 Volt Charger
Battery Doc 2/4/8 Amp
12 Volt Charger

Battery Doc Products

Battery Doc has some interesting entries in the small charger/maintainer market. While we don't carry them all, we carry those that fill niches in our charger line, as they are reliable, well built units that we have experience with. The Sport and Rainproof 12 volt models are universal input, and come with accessories to handle most 12 volt maintenance chores, including the small BMW motorcycle power socket adapter, making them ideal for travel. The 6 volt unit is perfect for storing those motorcycles or classic cars that use 6 volt batteries. All Battery Doc chargers are true Gel battery safe, while some small chargers are not. These are good for storing all those 'toys' you have with lead acid batteries in them.

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