72 Volt Battery Chargers

If you see a model you like, write down the price. It will be hard to beat it for a NEW charger.

Quick Charge On Board Type Chargers

On Board On Board
Programmable 72 Volt 10 Amp $393 72 Volt 10 Amp $362
Programmable 72 Volt 20 Amp $458 72 Volt 20 Amp $427

Quick Charge Portable Battery Chargers

Programmable Portable Programmable Portable
Programmable 72 Volt 20 Amp $522 Programmable 72 Volt 40 Amp $792

Eagle Performance Series Portable Chargers

Eagle I7212
Eagle 72V 12 Amp
Industrial Charger

Eagle Performance Series On Board Type Chargers

Eagle I7212
Eagle 72V 12 Amp
On Board Charger

PBM 72 Volt Battery Chargers - NOT FOR EV USE

PBM 72V 80A Charger PBM 72V 100A Charger

PBM 72 Volt 80 Amp
Industrial Battery Charger

PBM 72 Volt 100 Amp
Industrial Battery Charger

72 Volt Battery Chargers

With the addition of the Dual Pro Eagle and Quick Charge industrial battery charger line, we can service the electric vehicle market, and other areas that require battery chargers of 72 volts and above. The Quick Charge units are built to order by the manufacturer in the USA, are industrial quality, built for long term service. We offer them at a very reasonable online price. These feature a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. There are On Board and Select-A-Charge On Board chargers, which have mounting flanges to facilitate on board use in scissor lifts, floor scrubbers, standby generators, pallet jacks, electric vehicles, etc., but they do not have to be mounted. They are totally enclosed to deal with harsh environments. These can be used on such vehicles as the ZAP Xebra™, but will not have the controller deactivation circuit which disables the vehicle from being driven when plugged in. Also, the ZAPs came with Gel batteries until the 2008 model, when they were fitted with AGM type batteries, so the programmable unit would be preferrable, unless you know your battery type and will be sticking with it. Then there are the QP Portable chargers, which are available with all the standard industrial and golf cart type connectors. There also are the Programmable Portable QSP models. The Portable units are excellent for floor scrubbers, lifts, industrial carts, etc., where higher volts or higher amps are desireable.

The Dual Pro Eagle 72 volt 12 amp is in stock. US built with a 3 year warranty, they come as portable units with a handle, or as onboard units with lower profile and mounting flanges.

PBM battery chargers are available in a variety of models and output voltages suitable for forklift and other high amp use, with selectable input voltage of 208/240/480 VAC, single phase. These units are UL approved, and have a four digit LCD display, indicating such things as real time delivered current, battery voltage before charging, delivered charge (ah), overall charge time, final voltage reached by battery. They are microprocessor controlled, and dip switch programmable for automatic start, 8 value final charge timer, initial stage timer, equalizing charge. They are fuse protected on the input, and DC output, and overload protected on the transformer. Excellent quality units, and stackable three high. There are 3 phase units available as well.

72 Volt Accessories

72 Volt Digital Volt Meters
Digital Volt Meter
72 Volt

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