My wife has been after me for some time to put up this Customer Comments page, with unsolicited comments. While I do get an occasional "You are an a** hole" from someone when I refuse to ship something NEXT DAY AIR for an obvious credit card fraud attempt, we get comments like these, or no comments at all. Feel free to submit your own by email, if you are pleased with the Tech advice, or satisfied with your product and its delivery.

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Thank you so very much for the rapid response and excellent service. I will be ordering from again and again.

To the CEO and Board of Directors
Your company may have many assets, including your products, but I am a huge fan of Dual Pro first and foremost because of the tech support that has been available to me. Your tech support is the primary reason that I would recommend Dual Pro for any boater, particularly those like me who are not electricians and simply want to get back on the water without hauling a boat for service or repair.
Please keek it up and thank you.

I just thought I would send this email to you guys and let you know that the charger is working perfectly.† You built the QP1625 for me and now after I fully understand the charging concept of the Deep Cycle charge I must say that this charger is performing great. It has brought my† 6 Trojan 8volts (in series) back to life and I should get a few more years out of them.† Thanks again and I will recommend your company to my friends that use these batteries in the same application that I do.

After talking with you yesterday, the 1st thing I did when I got home, was check to see if the new charger worked.† It didnít.† So I checked for a connection problem with a voltmeter.† Although the fuse looked ok visually, it had failed.† So everything checked as you thought when I replaced the fuse.† The new charger is going back and Iím keeping yours.† Thought youíd like to know.

Hi There-†
Just got off the phone with a very helpful sales tech and am interested in the†SP-5 SolarPulse 5 Watt Desufator 735X305.

Thanks, I see it is on time to arrive tomorrow. Sweet! Your prices are the best I've found, I will recommend you.
- chris

Hi. First of all, thanks for posting so much great info in the tutorial/FAQ section of your website! I'm an electrician just starting out in my career and I love to gobble up as much information as I can find. I have an electric bike that runs at 72 VDC from six 12 volt SLA batteries in series. It's a high speed, high output bike that does about 40MPH and can draw up to 40 amps from the batteries. Included with the kit I bought was a 72 volt Soniel charger that charges at 1.2 amps from a normal 120 VAC receptacle. I use 20 amp hour batteries so it takes around 8 or 10 hours for a full charge. Looking for a faster charge, I have quite an interest in this charger you sell. I see in the description it says "programmable" but I'm not sure what that means. I know 12 volt car battery chargers have for example 2 or 50 amp charge rates, so I know the charger I'm looking for is out there somewhere.
Thanks so much,

Good Morning Larry,
My charger arrived safely this morning and is operating as advertised. Thank you very much.

Hi Larry,
We just finished our phone call. Thank you again for being there with great customer service. To confirm my order, I am being sent overnight a battery charger, GEL type, 24 volt, 5 amp, with three pin XLR connector that plugs in to the underside of the joystick control on the chair.
The part number is: 24BC5000TFG-1.
Thank you very much for answering my questions and concerns this morning. Regards,

Thanks for the fast service and the correct part for my Power Chair. I might just add a XLR connector to my Pride Legend cuz the unit you provided works so well. Also I might be interested in one of those Auto Chargers to charge both my scooters in my truck while I drive.

Thanks for your quick reply. Stepped out for a moment and when I came home it was on my front porch. Thanks. Hope to do business with you again.

Hi Larry,
I just wanted to let you know that I had ordered the unit before sending you this initial email and decided to not cancel the order, despite your response.† I figured if it didnít help with my current battery, it would probably help with my next.† After your response and before I was able to wire up the Desulfator, the charging light was coming on at a fairly regular basis.
Anyway, I received it within a few days and went ahead and wired it up.† The battery light hasnít come on since I did that!† I wish this truck had a gauge instead of an idiot light, but it sure looks like the unit is helping the battery.† Again, my hope is that it will at least make the battery last until I get another job, so even if it extends the life of the battery a couple of months, itíll be nice.
Iím planning on taking the truck back into a shop at the 6-month mark and have the charging system checked again, just to see how much the Desulfator has helped the battery.† Iíll report back to you on my findings.

Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward to my new charger.
Great doing business with you.
David, McAllen, Texas

Larry ... I did have to get 2 new batteries, and hurrah, the charger I have does work.† So, thanks for your tips that helped so much, but at this time I don't need a charger.
Thanks for your help,

Thanks for the e-mail. Next week will have to work. In the end it is what is. The sooner you can get them to us the better we've only got 2 good working ones now. I wouldn't think of canceling the order and trying to get them elsewhere. You have been fantastic in catching my error and in updating me on things, you can't beat service like that.