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BSP212 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger BSP512 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger BSP1012 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger
2.5 Watt BSP212
5 Watt BSP512
10 Watt BSP1012

BSP20-12 20 watt panel BSP30-12 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger BSP4012 Solar Maintainer
20 Watt BSP2012
30 Watt BSP3012
40 Watt BSP4012
12 Volt Solar Maintainer

BSP10-12-LSS 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger BSP1024-LSS 24 Volt Solar Maintainer BSP30-12-LSS 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger
10 Watt BSP1012-LSS
12 Volt Solar Maintainer
10 Watt BSP1024-LSS
24 Volt Solar Maintainer
30 Watt BSP3012-LSS

SunSaver SS-6 Solar Controller SunSaver SS-10L-24 Solar Controller
SunSaver SS-6
12 Volt Solar Controller
SunSaver SS-10L-24
24 Volt Solar Controller

SunSaver SS-10 Solar Controller SunSaver SS-20L Solar Controller
SunSaver SS-10
12 Volt Controller
SunSaver SS-20L
12 Volt Controller

Steca PR-1010 Solar Controller BSP4012 Solar Maintainer SunSaver SS-20L Solar Controller
Steca PR-1010
12/24 Volt Controller
Steca PR-2020
12/24 Volt Controller
Steca PR-3030
12/24 Volt Controller

Steca Solsum 6.6F Solar Controller SunSaver Duo Solar Controller SunSaver Duo Solar Controller w/meter
Steca Solsum 6.6F
12/24 Volt Controller
SunSaver Duo
2 Battery System
12 Volt Controller
SunSaver Duo
2 Battery System
Controller w/Meter

Samlex SCC-30AB Solar Controller
Samlex SCC-30AB
30 Amp
12/24 Volt Controller

Other voltage and amperage controllers available. Please call!

BSP2-12-M mount HPM5-10 mount HPM18-30 mount UNI-10-45
2.5 Watt Panel Mount
BSP5-12 Mount
BSP30-12 Mount
BSP10-12 Mount
45 degree

Solar/Desulfation Kits

Pulsetech SP-2 2 watt solar Pulsetech SP-5 5 watt solar
Pulsetech 735X302
SP-2 2 Watt Panel
Pulsetech 735X305
SP-5 5 Watt Panel

Pulsetech SP-25 25 watt solar
Pulsetech 735X325
SP-25 25 Watt Panel

Samlex RV/Marine Solar Kits

Samlex SRV-100-30A Samlex SRV-150-30A
Samlex SRV-100-30A
100 Watt Solar Kit
Samlex SRV-150-30A
150 Watt Solar Kit

Samlex Portable Solar Charging Kits

Samlex MSK-90 Samlex MSK-135
Samlex MSK-90
90 Watt Solar Kit
Samlex MSK-135
135 Watt Solar Kit

Solar panels and Controllers for small to medium applications. specializes in small and medium solar battery chargers for applications in 12 volt and 24 volt solar panel systems. We can advise and supply solar solutions for battery maintenance of single or multiple battery packs, or systems with small or intermittent current drains. A solar solution can be appropriate for security systems(video, alarm), remote telemetry, radio repeaters, gate openers, solar fence charger, generator/pump starting batteries, heavy equipment batteries, GPS locators on semi trailers, or as a solar trickle charger and many other situations. We have recently added Samlex 50, 85 and 120 watt solar kits, which include a quality panel, a 30 amp SCC-30AB Samlex state-of-the-art controller, cables, and mounting kit for flat marine/RV or other applications. There are expansion kits for each as well.

Solar Trickle Charger

Single 12 volt batteries around 80 to 130 amp hours can be maintained with a single 2.5 watt solar battery charger without a controller. The solar panel generates enough current to maintain the battery, but not enough to overcharge it, functioning as a solar trickle charger. The small solar battery charger (1 watt, 2.5 watt, and 5 watt) has a blocking diode built in that prevents feedback through the solar panel at night, which will occur if not blocked. Solar battery chargers over 5 watts (and sometimes the 5 watt) require a solar controller to regulate their output, and prevent overcharging. The solar controller also prevents feedback through the panel at night, like the diode mentioned above. We have a 10 watt 24 volt unbreakable solar battery charger available which we frequently use for maintenance of 24 volt starting batteries on such equipment as generators, large pumps, heavy construction equipment, trucks, aircraft, etc.

UniSolar Panels - Currently Unavailable

We also offer a few selections from UniSolar™ when they are available. The smaller UniSolar panels (64 watts and under) were unavailable or sporadically available for some time, due to the switching of the assembly lines to larger panels for world demand. We currently do not have these available. These are some of our favorite panels. They are of a proprietary triple layer material, which gathers more usable power from various parts of the light spectrum, and the panels are constructed without a glass front, as the material is bonded to a thin stainless steel sheet, and framed with a durable aluminum frame. This makes the UniSolar panels basically indestructible, and the bypass diodes in the 11 watt and larger panels allows them to function well in part shade conditions. These are long term reliable panels, and we use them in remote locations, portable systems that will be moved or set up and taken down repeatedly, high vandalism areas, and applications where survival is a criteria.

Solar Controllers

We offer quality solar controllers, the Morningstar Sunsaver series, and the Steca PR series made in Germany. We can get any models made by these companies, as well as others, so call if you don't see what you want.

Solar Panel Orientation

A solar battery charger should be oriented to true south whenever possible, tilted at an angle approximating the latitude of the location, adding 15 degrees for winter bias, or subtracting 15 degrees for summer bias. Mobile applications such as semi trailers or emergency response trailers, may require a flat mount of the solar panel, since parking orientation may vary. A solar panel is rated at peak output, which may only occur for 4 to 6 hours per day (or less) depending on the season, and location. These worst case hours are generally used for sizing a solar battery charger or solar system , if the system will be operational during winter months.

The batteries for a solar system should be deep cycle, and are sized in amp hour capacity to accomodate the daily amp draw from the system, with a margin, and usually several days capacity as well, to allow for overcast or other unfavorable solar power conditions. Appropriate lead acid battery types for these systems include the flooded, or wet batteries, absorbed glass mat (AGM), and sometimes the true Gel battery (Gel Cell).

Experienced In Solar Applications is an experienced solar charger supplier. Our technical advisor has worked with the U.S. EPA on remote montoring stations, our U.S. military (for small mobile applications in Iraq, infrequently used vehicle battery maintenance, thermally activated training aids, and more), many colleges and universities for scientific monitoring and student projects, and the solar powered video documentation of the rebuilding at Ground Zero in New York, Project Rebirth.

For more information, see our solar tutorial. We have access to many more solar components, so give us a try!

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