We at ChargingChargers intend to deal only with quality equipment, appropriately suited to the client's application. We provide tutorials for additional information on the subject of DC power, to help with an informed decision, and have a tech line for further questions or application specific advice. If we don't have access to the appropriate charger/inverter/converter for your application, we will tell you what it is and where to get it, if we know.

We will attempt to be as competitively priced as possible, while providing superior customer service and information on products and their applications. We are consumers as well, and as such, will guard the customer's privacy and security, particularly regarding credit card information.

We have experience in the electrical arena including college engineering, years in the Energy Control Center for the City of Los Angeles, and years dealing with automotive and other DC systems (rebuilding alternators/starters/ generators, wiring and rewiring, installing sound systems, etc). We test all equipment lines on the bench to verify voltage and amperage specifications.

BOTTOM LINE AND WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU -- We have the experience, the knowledge and the product line to provide you with quality equipment, appropriately suited to the application. We have placed lots of technical information on this site to help you with your product selection and make you a more informed consumer, and you can always contact us by email or our Tech Line.

CHARGINGCHARGERS.COM - Quality products, very competitive pricing, and the info to help you make the right decision. Thank you for your interest!