At, we carry commercial quality 24 volt battery chargers from 2 to 100 amps for lead acid and sealed lead acid (AGM and Gel) batteries. Some chargers feature universal (100 to 240 VAC) input, some are selectable for input, some are available with a true gel microprocessor chip. Most of our chargers are constant current, microprocessor controlled units, some having a final stage float mode, and some shutting off the output in the final stage while monitoring the battery voltage, initiating a charge cycle if required.

The Samlex, Schauer, Universal, and some of the Quick Charge chargers are a straight 24 volt output charger and provide efficient 3 stage charging which can supply up to the battery charger's maximum output (constant curent), and monitor the charge voltage as it rises to the charger absorption set point. The absorption set point is generally between 28.2 volts DC and 29.4 volts DC in a 24 volt charger. The charger then maintains the absorption voltage (constant voltage) until the battery is fully charged (end of the second stage). At this point, the charger drops the output voltage to the 3rd, or "float" setting, which is safe for long term battery maintenance.

This float stage voltage is between 26.4 and 27.4 volts DC. The float stage in a microprocessor controlled battery charger provides an excellent application of computer technology to an old problem. Previous 24 volt battery trickle chargers usually maintained an amperage level that was too high for long term battery maintenance, and overcharged batteries, thus requiring constant monitoring. The smart chargers can be left connected for long periods, and the microprocessor only supplies enough current (at the float voltage setting)to compensate for battery self-discharge.

This internal discharge (self-discharge) is a characteristic shared by all lead acid batteries, but the rate varies with battery type. The wet, or flooded lead acid types are constructed of a lead-antimony alloy, to provide structural integrity to the battery. This lead-antimony alloy construction leads to internal discharge rates between 8% and 40% per month in a flooded lead acid battery. The sealed lead acid battery types (SLA), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and Gel, use a lead-calcium alloy, which does not have the same mechanical strength as the lead-antimony, since the construction (mats between plates in the AGM, gelled electrolyte in the gel cell) stabilizes the battery structure. The lead-calcium batteries have a lower internal discharge rate which is between 2% and 10% a month. This internal discharge leads to suphation on the battery plates, which can harden over time, either reducing battery capacity, or destroying a lead acid battery's ability to be recharged. A fairly high percentage of premature lead acid battery failure is from sulphation. Proper battery charging and use of floating chargers reduces or eliminates the sulphation problem.

A Samlex 24 volt charger like the SEC-2415UL, SEC-2425UL, and SEC-2440UL are dip switch settable to deactivate the boost mode to function as a power supply at the float voltage, suitable for backup power systems (UPS), or power supply applications up to their rated output amperage. The Samlex chargers also feature dip switch settings for battery type, including true gel, and are user selectable for 115 or 230 VAC input.

We carry two Universal 24 volt battery chargers (5 Amp) that cover the majority of the wheelchair and scooter applications for external chargers. Both AGM and true GEL batteries are used in this market, and the charging requirements are different. We have a charger for each battery type. These chargers are also universal input, accepting input voltage between 100 and 240 VAC, making them ideal for use in applications which may see world wide use, or for travel. They are 3 stage switchmode units, and can be left on whenever the chair is not in use, maximizing run time and battery life. There is also a 2 amp unit for smaller chairs and scooters, and an 8 amp unit.

The Dual Pro multi bank marine battery charger is an independent output, 6, 10, or 15 amp per bank, temperature compensating battery charger. The two outputs are 12 volt outputs, for a two battery system, where the batteries may be wired in series for 24 volts, or parallel, for a 12 volt system. They are waterproof, and fully potted for vibration resistance. They are available as portable chargers, with alligator clips, and can be ordered with a true gel charge profile microchip. The independent bank battery chargers have a separate positive and negative connector for each bank, and a separate microprocessor for each bank which controls the charging algorithm. This means that the batteries may be of differing age, size, state of charge, or type (sealed, flooded). This works well for series strings of two 12 volt batteries for 24 volts, or a setup with a starting battery, and a deep cycle battery for a trolling motor or other deep cycling application. After each battery has its own positive and negative connection, the charger does not care if they are parallelled for higher amps, or series connected for 24 volts. This is useful in situations like 24 volt charger applications where one of the 12 volt batteries in the string is supplying some 12 volt loads (like communications, lights, radar, etc.), and the batteries end up with an imbalance. A straight output 24 volt charger used in this situation would not properly charge the batteries and correct the imbalance.

The Dual Pro two output models are appropriate for 12 volt or 24 volt battery charger applications (two 12 volt batteries in series) where wet or harsh environments may be the norm. They have flanges for mounting for permanent installation, and are built for water, vibration, and temperature tolerance. They are used in marine applications, like boats with a starting battery and a trolling motor battery, or two 12 volt batteries in parallel, or two 12 volt batteries in series for a 24 volt trolling motor. They are also built in the USA, which is uncommon for electronic items any more.

Newer to the Dual Pro battery charger line, are the Eagle series, single output heavy duty industrial battery chargers. In 24 volt, Dual Pro makes a 12 amp and a 25 amp version. These have a carry handle, and usually come with an Anderson type 2 pole connector, but can be built with alligator clips or ring terminals. These are heavy duty, microprocessor controlled transformer type chargers, built for rough or prolonged service. They combine the durability and reliability of the transformer type charger with the sophisticated charging profile of a computer chip controller to deliver an optimum charge and allow long term battery maintenance with safety. The Eagle 24 volt charger is applicable for industrial carts, scissor lifts, small fork lifts, golf carts, or other heavy use applications using a 24 volt system.

The Quick Charge 24 volt offerings include portable type chargers with handles, available with alligator clips or various industrial connectors, and on board units for mounting on industrial equipment (scissor lifts, etc.) or electric vehicles. There are also 60 amp and 100 amp single phase industrial units, well suited for forklift or lift truck applications. These are also built in the US and have a 3 year warranty.

Thanks for checking our selection of chargers from Japlar-Schauer, Samlex America, Quick Charge, and Dual Pro. We only carry quality chargers, based on reliability, performance, warranty, and value. We can help with selection or advice by email ( or our tech line: (541) 582-4629. We deal with case pricing for quantity users.

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Applications For 24 Volt Battery Chargers

Battery systems using 24 volts are found in mobility applications (wheelchairs, scooters), military vehicles and other military uses, industrial systems, material carts, scissor-lifts, RV and marine, aircraft, riding scooters, and many others. They usually involve a pair of twelve volt batteries hooked in series, or four 6 volt batteries in series. If the battery pack is discharged at 24 volts, single output 24 volt battery chargers are the easiest and most efficient choices in chargers, excepting marine applications, where multi-bank waterproof chargers (12 volts per battery) are generally used.

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