Japlar Schauer Battery Chargers

12 Volt Chargers

Japlar-Schauer 5 Amp 12 Volt Battery Charger Schauer 12 Amp 12 Volt Battery Charger
$74 JAC0512
Japlar-Schauer 5 Amp
$76 JAC1212
Schauer 12 Amp

24 Volt Chargers

Japlar-Schauer 5 Amp 24 Volt Battery Charger Schauer 7 Amp 24 Volt Battery Charger
$74 JAC0524
Japlar 5 Amp
$76 JAC0724
Schauer 7 Amp

Schauer 20 Amp 24 Volt Battery Charger
$219 JAC2024
Schauer 20 Amp

36 Volt Chargers

Schauer 4 Amp 36 Volt Battery Charger Schauer 20 Amp 36 Volt Battery Charger
$80 JAC0436
Japlar-Schauer 4 Amp
$282 JAC2036
Japlar-Schauer 20 Amp

48 Volt Chargers

Schauer 3 Amp 48 Volt Battery Charger Schauer 15 Amp 48 Volt Battery Charger
$90 JAC0348
Schauer 3 Amp
$310 JAC1548
Japlar-Schauer 15 Amp
48V Charger

We can get any Japlar Schauer battery charger or part number. Email the model number and quantity you are looking for.

At, we carry industrial quality Japlar Schauer battery chargers in voltages from 12 to 48, and amperages from 2 amps to 20 amps. All of these chargers are microprocessor controlled, utilizing 3 stage charging, which provides efficient charging (constant current), and monitoring of the charge voltage as it rises to the absorption set point. The microprocessor then maintains the absorption voltage (constant voltage) until the battery attains a full charge. At this time, the Schauer battery charger reduces the output voltage to the 3rd, or "float" stage, which is safe for long term battery maintenance.

The float stage in a microprocessor controlled battery charger is an excellent application of computer technology. Previous lead acid battery trickle chargers usually maintained an amperage level too high for long term maintenance, which overcharged batteries, thus requiring constant observation. Schauer microprocessor battery chargers can be left connected for indeterminant periods, and the charger only passes enough current (at the float voltage) to compensate for internal battery discharge.

Japlar Schauer battery chargers feature auto-sensing universal input, from 100 to 240 VAC, an excellent characteristic for travel or applications that may end up with world wide usage or distribution.

We have recently added a hard to find 42 volt battery charger from Schauer, with 17 amp output. This charger is applicable to 42 volt EZ GO carts, and specialty golf carts built on this platform, such as the Western carts.

Check out our selection of smart battery chargers from Japlar-Schauer. At, we select our battery chargers for reliability, design and function, warranty, and value. We can help with selection or advice by email ( or our tech line: (541) 582-4629. We deal with case pricing for quantity users.

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