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SunSaver SS-6 Solar Controller SunSaver SS-10L-24 Solar Controller
SunSaver SS-6
12 Volt Solar Controller
SunSaver SS-10L-24
24 Volt Solar Controller

SunSaver SS-10 Solar Controller SunSaver SS-20L Solar Controller
SunSaver SS-10
12 Volt Controller
SunSaver SS-20L
12 Volt Controller

SunSaver Duo Solar Controller SunSaver Duo Solar Controller w/meter
SunSaver Duo
12 Volt Controller
SunSaver Duo
Controller w/Meter

Other voltage and amperage controllers available. Please call!

A little about controllers

Solar controllers regulate solar panel output voltage and current, reducing output when the battery pack is fully charged. A solar panel will try and put out current whenever there is sun on it. Once the battery is charged, the controller maintains the full charge, without overcharging. Controllers also prevent electric feedback through the panel, which will occur without a controller or blocking diode in the system.

The Morningstar SunSaver units are pulse wave models, well built, and designed for long term performance. They feature coated aluminum housings (no plastic), the circuit board is flooded in epoxy to make the unit waterproof. These units have an LED that indicates solar power is available for battery charging, and have an operating temperature range of -40 C to +85 C. The Morningstar SunSaver controller series is a well engineered and reliable, reasonably priced solar controller solution. We have other voltages and amperages available, and can get any controller Morningstar offers at a good price, particularly in quantity.

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