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24 Volt Battery Chargers

Soneil 24 volt 2 amp 2404s Soneil 24 volt 4 amp 2408srf Soneil 24 volt 8 amp 2416srf
24 Volt 2 Amp Charger
24 Volt 4 Amp Charger
24 Volt 8 Amp Charger

Soneil Battery Chargers

We have had experience with the Soneil Company and their chargers, for many years. We are just now stocking some of their chargers and adding them to our website. The are an excellent charger line, and some of the models are used as OEM for mobility and other industrial applications. They tend to be priced a little higher than some of our other offerings, but are excellent quality and generally a longer warranty. We have access to all Soneil battery chargers, so if you have specific models you need quotes on, please call or email. Soneil is based in Canada, and most of their stock is there. They transfer stock weekly to a New York shipping warehouse, so some chargers may need a little lead time, if we don't stock them. They have units from 6 volts to 72 volts, some small maintainers, some high powered industrial units, and some marine type units supposed to come on line. We will add these as we can, but remember, just call if we don't list what you want. Thanks.

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