PowerMax PMBC-55LK 12 Volt 55 Amp Power Supply

For automotive use, provides constant clean power supply during diagnostics and reprogramming and battery charging through a fully regulated DC output. Multiple protection features including: Overtemp, Brownoutinput, reverse polarity, over-current. Standard features include: 2 year warranty, 15 Foot clamp set, on/off switch, voltage adjustment knob (12.5 to 16.5 VDC), and digital voltage display. This is the latest "LK" model. Pictures not necessarily latest.

The PowerMax PMBC 12 Volt 55 amp power supplies use state-of-the-art, switch-mode technology. These units can power DC loads while charging. Exceptionally clean DC output insures onboard computers, controllers, pumps, motors, fans, and lights work perfectly. This means longer life for any connected load; virtually no AC ripple to cause static or premature failure of radio or television equipment. Protection against low and transient AC line voltage as well as spikes coming from the AC power source or from improperly adjusted generators, a major cause of converter/charger failure. Meets F.C.C. Class B criteria, minimizing radio and television equipment interference especially on the lower frequency bands. Proportional Fan Circuitry provides an extra measure of protection. During times of heavy load demands, the automatic circuitry will activate the fan before thermal stress can occur on any internal components. External fuses protect the PowerMax unit against improper wiring and can be quickly and easily replaced.

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PowerMax 12 Volt power supply PowerMax 12 Volt power supply cables Part#: PowerMax PMBC-55LK

PowerMax 12 Volt 55 Amp
Power Supply


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):10.75 x 7.15 x 3.45 Advanced Switch-mode Design
Actual Weight:10.0 Short Circuit Protection
Ship Weight:11.0 Over Current Protection
AC Input:105 - 135 VAC Over Voltage Protection
AC Input:47 - 63 Hz Demand Sensing
Output:12.5 to 16.5 VDC Fan Cooling
Output Amps:55 A Thermal Protection
Temperature:0 to 45C Digital Display
Max AC Draw:7 A Adjustable output voltage
Approval:UL, cUL 15 Foot Cable Set
Warranty:2 Years  


• RV/Marine diagnostics/programming
• Two way radio base stations
• Communications systems
• Security systems
• Test equipment
• Automotive & Marine displays

Design Features

• Advanced switch-mode technology
• Reliable power with minimum weight and size
• Circuit innovations minimize output voltage ripple and RFI
• UL listed.

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