Noland Battery Chargers

This page lists various replacement chargers for Noland battery chargers by model number, with the appropriate connector. Click on our replacement model listed with your OEM part number if you have it.

Eagle I-3625 Eagle I-3625 crowsfoot Part#: I3625CF

36 Volt 25 Amp Charger
with Crowsfoot


OEM Amps: 25
OEM Number: 600-1, 600-3, 600-L11

Quick Charge Select-A-Charge Portable Charger gray SB50 connector Part#: QSP36-40GSB175

Quick Charge Programmable
36 Volt 40 Amp Charger
Gray SB175

Note: This charger built to order by the manufacturer - allow about 2 weeks.
OEM Amps: 40
OEM Number: 600-7

Noland Battery Chargers

The Dual Pro Eagle series and the Quick Charge models combine the reliability of a heavy duty transformer, with a microprocessor controller, for long term performance and proper battery management. With temperature compensation and computer control, a quicker, more efficient charge cycle results in complete battery charge, better battery life, and less water loss in flooded batteries, which industrial cart battery chargers are frequently used on. They are safe for the sealed lead acid batteries as well.

The Eagle model goes into a float mode when the charge is complete, for long term battery maintenance. The LED array on the charger case indicates status of the battery. This feature allows the charger to be left connected to the cart basically indefinitely, which works well for occasionally used carts or carts at a seasonal home or cabin. This prevents the internal discharge any lead acid battery experiences from forming hardened sulphation, which diminishes run time (capacity), even to the point of total failure. Some of the old chargers with timers or simple transformers could not be left on in this fashion, so frequently they are left disconnected from the cart when the cart would be left for a long time, shortening battery life, and diminishing run capacity. This feature alone is worth the cost of an upgraded charger.

The Quick Charge Select-A-Charge Portable chargers feature one touch programming that allows these chargers to charge deep cycle, wet starting, gel, and AGM batteries with precision. Also programmable is the gassing mode, and recycle times when in shut off mode. The 2 digit LED display shows percent of charge in the battery, and battery voltage. Float voltage is temperature compensated. These units are DC current limiting and polarity protected. They are energy efficient, up to 25% more so than ferroresonant chargers. They are built to order by the manufacturer, so allow about a week lead time.

The Eagle and Quick Charge battery chargers are made in the US, and feature a 3 year warranty. They are suitable for medium to heavy use in 24, 36, and 48 volt industrial carts, personnel carriers, tow carts, cargo carts, and other industrial equipment.

So, take a look at our Noland cart charger offerings, and call our tech line if you have any questions, or a special application. We only carry quality, reliable products that will do the job if properly selected.

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