SEC America UTC 2412-7H 24 to 12 Volt Trailer Interface

24VDC 12 Pin NATO or 12 VDC 7 Pin SAE input, 12 VDC 7 Wire Hardwire output

UTC 2412-7H is an electrical converter designed to be part of a trailer built to North American commercial 7 pin standards. UTC 2412-7H enables its host trailer to be seamlessly coupled to either a NATO or North American trailer. UTC 2412-7H provides 6 independent circuits capable of supplying a total power of 800 Watts at 12 Volts. This power application to the trailer ABS system and its various lighting circuits is achieved through hard wiring. UTC 2412-7H is compact and lightweight at only 15 pounds. UTC 2412-7H has a flat profile making mounting practical to the front face of the trailer.

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SEC America UTC 2412-7H trailer interface 12 Pin NATO 7 Pin SAE 560 7 Wire Cable Part#: UTC 2412-7H

SEC America
Trailer Interface

  12 Pin NATO 560 7 Pin SAE 560 7 Wire Cable  

Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):21 x 8.8 x 3.5 Advanced Design
Actual Weight:15.0 Potted internals
Ship Weight:16.0 90% Efficiency
Input:24V 12 Pin NATO US Made
Input:12V 7 Pin SAE Aluminum Housing
Output:12 VDC Steel End Caps
Output:7 Wire Hardwire  
Power:800 Watts  
Temperature:-40C to +60C  
Warranty:2 Years  

Technical Spec PDF

UTC 2412-7H

SEC America Trailer Interfaces

SEC Tractor Trailer Electrical Interfaces provide electrical compatibility when trailer electrical specifications between tractor and trailer do not conform to local standards. SEC America manufactures electrical interfaces for compatibility between military (NATO) prime movers and commercial trailers, as well as commercial prime movers and military (NATO) trailers. Custom configurations are also available. Although our stock models cover many trailer electrical interface requirements, SEC America will design and manufacture interfaces to custom and exacting specifications. Their experienced and qualified engineering staff is ready to match a design to specific physical and electrical requirements.

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