SEC America Model 6948 DC Converter

12 VDC to 48 VDC at 25 amps continuous

The SEC America Model 6948 DC Converter is a US built 1200 watt unit, of the highest quality. The SEC unit is highly efficient, which provides cool operation, high reliability, and long life expectancy for the converter and the equipment which it powers. The design makes this performance possible over an extremely wide operating temperature range(the best we have seen) and under the most rigorous vibration and shock conditions. Only top quality components are used and the circuit boards are fully potted. These units may cost more than others, but are fully suitable for military, industrial, scientific, and other applications where exceptional electronics are demanded.

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SEC America Model 6948 Converter Part#: Model 6948

SEC America
25 Amp Continuous
DC to DC Converter


Specifications 1
Specifications 2

For technical information regarding SEC DC-DC Converters, be sure to visit SEC America, LLC - a leading US built power converter manufacturer. SEC America DC Converters

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