SC-12 XTreme 12 Station HD Charger 746X810

The PulseTech SC-12 XTreme 12 Station HD Charger is the ultimate unit for battery restoration or maintenance, where multiple 12 volt batteries of the same or different size and construction are cared for. Use it for evaluation and testing. A unique test feature evaluates the battery thoroughly during the initial connection to determine the appropriate charge rate based on its size and condition. It tests the battery continually for as long as it is connected to the charger to maintain the optimal bulk or float charge rate. This test step incorporates a "Bad Battery" indication if it determines the battery is faulty and cannot be re-charged. These units are special order until we get our stock in, and come with twelve sets of alligator clips on output cables. 25 foot extensions are available.

Use the SC-12 for maintenance and bulk charging, with up to 8 amps available per channel. It's designed to be a maintenance charger for any type of 12-V lead-acid battery, perfect for industrial applications, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, jetskis, etc. By imposing only the appropriate amount charge rate, the battery is maintained safely at its proper operating voltage indefinitely. Conversely, if the charger is connected to a discharged battery, its bulk charge capability of 8 amps per channel will re-charge the battery rapidly and safely so it can be put back into service quickly.

A proprietary computer-integrated technology measures both voltage and current to determine the appropriate amount of charge the battery is able to accept at any given time. As the pulse and saturation charges improve the battery's condition, the charge rate may be increased safely to an optimal level. This proprietary algorithm protects the battery from the risk of damage due to overcharging, and allows use on all lead acid battery types, including sealed lead acid AGM and true Gel.

Pulsetech SC-12 Pulsetech Part#: SC-12

Xtreme Charge 746X810
12 Station 8 Amp Charger/Desulfator


Specifications:  Features:
DIM (LxWxH):19.7 x 8.6 x 24.6 LED Indicators
Charge Current:8A x 12 10 to 150+ AH batteries
Actual Weight:57.0 Automatic
Ship Weight:59.0 Desulfator
Output cord:6 Ft. Safe for Gels
Input:100 - 240 VAC 2 Year Warranty
   Rolling Portable Case

Benefits of the SC-12 Xtreme 12 Station Charger 746X810

PulseTech's unique and patented PULSE technology increases the duty and life cycles of any size or type of 12-V lead-acid battery by minimizing the size of the lead sulfate crystals. This allows a battery to accept as much charge as possible. PULSE technology helps ensure that your new batteries will stay in like-new condition while older batteries often improve dramatically. Duty cycles are typically extended from three to five times for all types of lead-acid batteries! The SC-12 Xtreme is ideally suited for AGM and maintenance-free batteries (from less than 10 Ah to over 150 Ah). The combination of patented pulse technology and proprietary charging algorithm typically allows it to charge these high-performance batteries more fully. It also maintains a safe charge profile for traditional batteries including flooded, fill and charge, and gel. Comes in a rolling, portable case.

Used extensively by consumers and the U.S. Military worldwide for almost ten years, this technology has been scientifically proven by two major universities to make batteries work harder and last longer than you ever thought possible.

Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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