IOTA DLS-55 12 Volt 55 Amp DC Converter/Power Supply

The IOTA DLS-55 12 Volt 55 Amp DC converter uses state-of-the-art, switch-mode technology, to provide a demand sensed 13.6 volt output at up to 55 amps. Exceptionally clean DC output insures pumps, motors, fans, and lights work perfectly. This means longer life for any connected load; virtually no AC ripple to cause static or premature failure of radio or television equipment. Protection against low and transient AC line voltage as well as spikes coming from the AC power source or from improperly adjusted generators, a major cause of converter/power supply failure. Meets F.C.C. criteria, minimizing radio and television equipment interference especially on the lower frequency bands. Lower operating temperature, half that of some switch mode electronic models, even in its subcompact size. This means substantially longer life and safer operation. Tight line-load regulation ensures that the output voltage holds steady from no load to full load. Proportional Fan Circuitry provides an extra measure of protection. During times of heavy load demands, the automatic circuitry will activate the fan before thermal stress can occur on any internal components. External fuses protect the IOTA unit against improper wiring and can be quickly and easily replaced. Multiple units can be operated in series or parallel to increase voltage or amperage. Dimensions include mounting flanges, fans, terminal blocks.

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Iota DLS-55 12 Volt 55 Amp Converter Part#: Iota DLS-55

Iota 12 Volt 55 Amp
DC Converter


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):9.8 x 6.7 x 3.4 Advanced Switch-mode Design
Actual Weight:6.0 Short Circuit Protection
Ship Weight:8.0 Over Current Protection
AC Input:108 - 132 VAC Over Voltage Protection
AC Input:50/60 Hz Demand Sensing
Output Volts:13.6 VDC Proportional Fan Cooling
Output Amps:55 A Line Regulation
Temperature:0 to 40C Thermal Protection
Max AC Draw:13.4 A UL Listed
Warranty:2 Years  

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• RV/Marine applications
• Two way radio base stations
• Communications systems
• Security systems
• Test equipment
• Plotters
• GPS receivers
• Automotive & Marine displays
• DC computers
• 12 Volt lighting systems
• OEM applications

Design Features

• Advanced switch-mode technology
• Reliable power with minimum weight and size
• Circuit innovations minimize output voltage ripple and RFI
• UL listed.

The IOTA Engineering converters are available with a built in microprocessor controller (the IQ4), which turns them into 3 stage battery chargers, with an appropriate bulk voltage (higher than the regular converter voltage), absorption voltage, and float voltage. Some companies sell IOTA converters as chargers, at a lower price, while not indicating that they are one fixed voltage, and while they will charge batteries, at a slower rate than a charger with a higher bulk voltage, we won't use converters as chargers when any sort of amps are involved, or reasonable recharge times expected. We use these units as power supplies only.

IOTA converter/chargers were built in the US in the past. While still excellent quality units, with a 2 year warranty, they are now built in China to IOTA Engineering specifications. Some companies still market Iota units as US built, when they no longer are.

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