Dual Pro 3 Bank PS3 Gel Battery Charger

12/24/36 Volt 15 amp 3 bank waterproof marine charger.

The Dual Pro 3 Bank PS3 GEL marine battery charger is a 3 bank, 15 amp 12 volt per bank, temperature compensation charger, with a true Gel charge profile. The Pro series are heavy duty, microprocessor controlled, waterproof, and fully potted vibration proof battery chargers. They feature powder coated aluminum bases suitable for salt water environments, and are available with a true gel battery profiled microprocessor, which may add a couple of days to build. Note: not all sealed batteries are true gel - if in doubt please call. They can be ordered as portable chargers, with alligator clips. These independent output battery chargers have a separate positive and negative terminal for each battery bank, and a separate microprocessor for each which controls the charging profile. With this design, they can be used on batteries which differ in state of charge, age, size, or type (sealed, flooded). This works well in applications with a starting battery and a trolling setup. It also is suitable for series strings of 12 volt batteries for 36 volts. Once each battery has its individual positive and negative terminals connected, the microprocessor for each output does not care if the batteries are in series or parallel. This is useful in 36 volt applications where one of the 12 volt batteries in the string supplies some 12 volt loads and the other batteries do not. The batteries in this situation end up with an imbalance condition. A straight single output 36 volt charger used for this situation would not properly charge the batteries and deal with the imbalance.

The PS3 three output 15 amp per bank battery charger is appropriate for 12 to 36 volt applications where wet or hazardous environments exist. They have provisions for mounting (permanent installation), and water, vibration, and temperature are not a problem. The Pro series 15 amp marine battery charger is a preferred charger by tournament fishermen, as the 15 amp rate provides a reasonably quick recharge in an afternoon or evening, particularly if run by a generator. The PS3 is a well built charger, like all the Dual Pro marine battery chargers, and can be mounted onboard with the mounting flange for dependable service. They are built in the USA (Tennessee), which is uncommon these days for electronic items.

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Dual Pro PS3 Part#: PS3/Gel

Dual Pro 12/24/36 Volt
Pro GEL Charger



Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):14.5 x 6.5 x 6.0 Fully Waterproof
Actual Weight:24.0 Overcharge Protection
Ship Weight:26.0 Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input:115 VAC Temperature Compensation
Output:15/15/15 Amps Ignition Protected
Banks:3 Short Circuit Protected
Approvals:CE LED Readout
Approvals:USCG 33 CFR183.410 True Gel Profile
Warranty:3 Years Made In USA

Cable Extensions:

5 foot cable extension 10 foot cable extension
Dual Pro 5 Foot
Charger Cable Extension
Dual Pro 10 Foot
Charger Cable Extension

15 foot cable extension
Dual Pro 15 Foot
Charger Cable Extension

Onboard battery fuel gauge
Dual Pro
Starting and Trolling Battery Fuel Gauges

Any of the following add about 2 days build time, and must be called in:

For portable units, add $10.

Available with microprocessor for true gel batteries, no additional cost.

Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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