Eagle 36 volt 25 Amp True Gel Battery Charger

36 Volt 25 Amp Industrial Charger.

The Dual Pro Eagle 36 volt 25 Amp true gel battery charger is an industrial grade 36 volt battery charger, with fan cooling, temperature compensation, and a true gel cell charge profile. The Eagle series are heavy duty, microprocessor controlled, thermally protected battery chargers, encased in a powder coated aluminum case. They are portable or bench top chargers, with a padded handle. This model for golf carts is available with the gray Anderson SB50 connector for applications that use this connector, or ring terminals. Be sure you have true gel cells, as sealed lead acid (AGM) types are mistaken for, or referred to as gel cells, when in fact they are not.

The Dual Pro Eagle series combine the reliability of a heavy duty transformer, with a microprocessor controller, for long term performance and proper battery management. With temperature compensation and computer control, a quicker, more efficient charge cycle results in complete battery charge, better battery life, and less water loss in flooded batteries. They are safe for the sealed lead acid batteries as well. Eagle chargers, like all Dual Pro battery chargers, turn off completely when the charge is finished, and reactivate the charge sequence if battery voltage drops to the factory preset level. The LED array on the charger case indicates status of the battery.

The Eagle series are made in the US, and feature a 3 year warranty. The I-3625 Eagle 36 volt 25 amp battery charger is suitable for medium to heavy use 36 volt systems, including floor scrubbers, golt carts, personnel carts, cargo carts, scissor lifts, and other industrial equipment. Battery capacities from about 100 amp hours and up are appropriate for this charger, depending on use and desired recharge time.

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Eagle I-3625 Eagle I-3625 SB50 Part#: I3625Gel

Eagle 36 Volt 25 Amp
Gel Profile


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):9.75 x 8.38 x 8.25 Handle
Actual Weight:29.0 Thermal Protection
Ship Weight:30.0 Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input:115 VAC Temperature Compensation
Output:25 Amps Spark Free Hookup
Temp Range:32F to 113F Short Circuit Protected
Float Voltage:Shuts Off LED Readout
Approvals:UL 1564 Pending Made In USA
Warranty:3 Years True Gel Profile

Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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