SCHAUER JAC0524 24 Volt 5 Amp AGM Battery Charger with XLR

The Schauer JAC0524 24 Volt 5 Amp AGM Battery Charger is particularly suited for mobility applications like wheelchairs or scooters that use the standard 3 pin XLR connector (EXCEPT Everest-Jennings chairs). These fan cooled units are specifically built for mobility applications. Proper maintenance of lead acid batteries keeps them healthy, and increases their life expectancy. The float mode in these chargers allows them to be connected whenever the chair or scooter is not in use, keeping the depth of discharge in the batteries to a minimum. This increases battery life. This is a durable, aluminum cased unit. The JAC0524 is excellent for use on deep cycle batteries. This is a direct replacement for the HP8204B charger.

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SChauer 24 Volt 5 Amp AGM Charger XLR diagram Part#: JAC0524XLR

Schauer 24 Volt 5 Amp
AGM Charger w/XLR


You need to know what type batteries are in your chair/scooter. AGM type batteries are also known as 'sealed lead acid' or 'spill proof'. True GEL batteries say 'GEL' on them, or have a 'G' in the part number. Some original chargers are generic in their charge profile (and not exactly right). This unit is for AGM or flooded (wet) lead acid batteries.

Note: Not for Everest-Jennings chairs using the 3 pin XLR

Note: This 'smart'charger looks for battery pack voltage above 5 volts before initiating a charge cycle. If your 24 volt wheelchair battery pack is below this level (i.e. chair won't move), and you already have a 'smart' charger, you may have a battery issue, not a charger issue.

Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):7.5 x 3.5 x 1.8 3 Stage Charging Profile
Actual Weight:2.2 Mode Indicating L.E.D.
Ship Weight:3.0 Demand Sensing
AC Input:100-240 VAC Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input:50/60 Hz Over Voltage Protection
Output Amps:5.0 Short Circuit Protection
Absorption:28.8 VDC XLR Connector
Float:26.8 VDC True Float Mode
Temperature:32 F to 120 F Auto-sensing Universal Input
Approval:UL, CUL For AGM & Wet Lead Acid Batteries
Warranty:2 Years 100% Duty Cycle

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Some models this charger fits: Bruno Cub, Bruno Firefighter 46, Bruno Humvee 46, Bruno Police 46, Bruno SuperCub, Bruno Thunder, Bruno Typhoon, Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair (CPN), Golden Technologies Alero, Golden Technologies Alante, Golden Technologies Alante HD, Golden Technologies Avenger, Golden Technologies Golden Compass, Go-Go mobility scooters, Hoveround mobility scooters, Invacare P9000 XDT Power Chair, Invacare Nutron R32 Power Chair, Invacare Nutron R32LX, Invacare Nutron R50LX, Invacare Nutron R51/R51LX/R51LXP, Invacare Zoom 220, Jazzy 614, Jazzy 614HD, Jazzy 1107, Jazzy Select (Units manufactured prior to serial number J8331507001C30), Jazzy Select 6, Jazzy Select 6 Ultra, Pacesaver Plus III, Pride mobility scooters (EA1065 replacement), Pride Revo mobility scooter, Rascal 301PC, Rascal 318PC, Rascal 320PC, Rascal 710PC, Shoprider 6Runner 10 scooter, Shoprider Folding Power Chair FPC, Shoprider Sovereign (ES4), ActiveCare Catalina, ActiveCare Medalist, ActiveCare Osprey 4410, ActiveCare Pilot 2310, ActiveCare Pilot 2410, ActiveCare Prowler 3310, ActiveCare Prowler 3410, ActiveCare Renegade, ActiveCare Wildcat.

Information on wheelchair/scooter battery charger vs. battery problems

There are a lot of mobility chargers that are purchased when there actually is a chair/scooter wiring/connector issue, or a battery problem. For this reason, each mobility charger we ship is individually tested on our bench before shipping. We ship from Oregon, so if you are on the east coast, shipping takes about a week, unless you upgrade the shipping. If the mobility charger doesn’t work on your scooter/chair out of the box, there are several possibilities:
1. This is a 24 volt charger, for a 24 volt system. A 24 volt battery system with healthy batteries measures 25.4 to 25.5 volts at full charge, and 23.8 to 24.0 when effectively discharged. If the batteries are severely discharged, to a point below 16 volts, the charger won’t recognize a viable battery pack, and won’t begin charging. Usually, if the chair/scooter won’t move, this is the case. Because of this safety feature, you can’t measure charger voltage or current at the 3 pin plug, without the charger being hooked to the chair. The charger has to be connected to a battery pack to check these functions. There are ways to deal with a battery pack below 16 volts, but it’s possible the batteries are not recoverable. This is a very common problem in mobility applications, and a lot of chargers are purchased unnecessarily when the batteries are the problem.
2. Even though the terminal connections may look clean and tight, there may be insufficient contact at one or more cable connections, for good electrical contact. This will prevent proper current flowing out, and back in (charging). This can prevent the charger from recognizing a viable battery pack, similar to #1 above. Disconnect each cable connection and clean/scuff all battery posts and cable ends. A wire brush, battery post cleaner, etc. works well for this.
3. Average battery life in a mobility application is 2 years, and less if the batteries are deeply discharged/recharged on a daily basis. The deeper the discharge, the fewer the cycles. If the run time is getting less and less, the batteries are coming to the end of their life.
4. The polarity at the connector may be reversed. These have the 3 pin XLR connector found on about 90% of the wheelchairs and scooters in use, and wired the most common way. This includes Pride (except “Victory”), Hoverround, Invacare (except Lynx L3), Permobil, Drive, Ranger, Sunrise, Quickie (models with off-board charger), all Golden (except “Companion”), Bruno, PaceSaver (off-board charger models only- Atlas Plus 3, Eclipse, Esprit), Shoprider (except Sunrunner Deluxe and Lithium-ion battery models), Heartway, Merits (all with off-board chargers), AND most other mobility scooters and power chairs with off-board chargers & XLR connector. May not be compatible with some EV Rider, Zip’r, E&J, or Worldwide Seating chairs using the XLR connector, as Everest-Jennings and these others reverses the wiring on pin 1 and 2 in the connector. Correct polarity for the charger plug (male) is shown above. The chair receptacle (female) will be the mirror image of this. The pins or holes are marked.
5. Shipping damage, which should involve major damage to the box, as these are very durable units. Keep the packaging and call.

Schauer Battery Chargers

Schauer battery chargers are microprocessor controlled, fully automatic electronic devices, which use switch-mode technology to change AC input voltage to DC output voltage at much faster rates than traditional ferroresonant type chargers, which allows for a much smaller transformer, and therefore less size and weight, and increased efficiency. These can also be used for bulk charging 24 volt battery packs (AGM or wet) up to about 75 amp hour (ah).

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