Scissor Lift Battery Chargers

If you see a model you like, write down the price. It will be hard to beat it for a NEW charger.

Quick Charge On Board Type Chargers - 12 to 144 Volt

On Board On Board
Quick Charge Select-A-Charge
On Board Battery Chargers
Quick Charge Standard
On Board Battery Chargers

Quick Charge Portable Battery Chargers - 12 to 72 Volt

Programmable Portable Portable
Quick Charge Programmable Portable
Industrial Battery Chargers
Quick Charge Portable
Industrial Battery Chargers

Portable Eagle series industrial type chargers - 24 to 48 Volt

Eagle I2412 Eagle I2425 Eagle I3612
Eagle 24V 12 Amp
Industrial Charger
Eagle 24V 25 Amp
Industrial Charger
Eagle 36V 12 Amp
Industrial Charger

Eagle I3625 Eagle I4809 Eagle I4818
Eagle 36V 25 Amp
Industrial Charger
Eagle 48V 9 Amp
Industrial Charger
Eagle 48V 18 Amp
Industrial Charger

US Built Chargers!

We have on board and portable chargers in various voltage and amperage outputs which are perfect for scissor lifts, man-lifts, table lifts, pallet jacks, etc. These are all industrial quality, US built chargers, and all on this page have a 3 year warranty. The on board units by Quick Charge have mounting flanges and are pressure washer safe, for those rough applications, or areas where frequent washing of the unit is performed. The portable model chargers are available with all the standard industrial connectors.

Hopefully these units will fill some niches in our selection with quality, US built chargers. So, take a look and call our tech line if you have any questions. We only carry quality, reliable products that will do the job if properly selected.

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