2 Gauge Battery Charger Cable Set

2 gauge battery charger cable set 2 gauge battery charger cable set pin terminal 2 gauge battery charger cable set ring terminal Part#: 2 Gauge

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2 Gauge Cable Set with Pin Terminals/Ring Terminals

  • 4 feet of #2 AWG red cable
  • 4 feet of #2 AWG black cable
  • Cable is 105°C high strand count cable
  • .290 KS Terminal PTNB35-20 pin terminals on charger end
  • 3/8 battery lugs on battery end
  • 125°C braided PET sleeving

Other lengths or terminal configurations available. Call.

Fits the following battery chargers, plus others

IOTA 12 volt 75 amp DLS-75 battery charger or converter
IOTA 12 volt 90 amp DLS-90 battery charger or converter

At, we build several battery charger cable sets, of differing gauge premium wire, with the appropriate pin terminals for the chargers listed. We recommend checking the owners manual of your charger for specific cable gauge recommendations, should you choose to build your own. Bigger doesn't hurt; smaller can be dangerous. We use premium 105°C cable, premium KS Terminal pin terminals, ring terminals, and 125°C braided sleeving for protection. You can cut away some or all of the sleeving as necessary.

For more information, see our inverter tutorial.

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